A Note to MAC Users

Hooray!! I've learned how to make CyberBass work on iPhones/iPads.  Not only that, but I have improved some of the issues I had with MACs.  The transition starts on 1 Jan 2012.  I t will take about 2 months to finish the job.  Sorry, still no speed control.  OK, read on ...

This is my confession ... I have been a Microsoft PC user my entire life and find it difficult to change, but in order to better understand the Apple MAC user experience I recently invested in a MAC Notebook.  This is what I have discovered.

CyberBass tracks are produced in MIDI format.  The default MIDI player for Apple is QuickTime.  Despite my best efforts I can not overcome some characteristics of QuickTime (note: this will be corrected when I am done upgrading).

The first has to do with the sound mixing.  CyberBass tracks are mixed to highlight your part in the right speaker.  Initially QuickTime will play back tracks maintaining the proper sound mix.  However should you use the progress bar to move forward or back in the track, all mixing is obliterated and you will hear all tracks played back with equal volume on both speakers.  You can reset the mixing be restarting QuickTime at the beginning of the track  (note: this also will be corrected when I am done upgrading)..

The second has to do with rate of playback.  PC users are able to control the speed at which the CyberBass track will play.  Unfortunately QuickTime does not have this feature.

I am not a programming expert, so if you have any suggestions on how I can improve the playback features of CyberBass, please email me.


Here is a recent tip from a user (10/21/12):  Macbook Pro and higher capability Mac hard drives can be partitioned, allowing Windows to be installed along side the MOS. To do this the Mac user has to access BootCamp, a factory installed utility which is also a free download from the Apple website, and a Windows startup disk. Once loaded, the user can then run windows on the Mac and access Cyberbass via windows, which should enable all features of the music learning tool. 

Finally, the ability to download files has been curtailed, however The CyberBass Project will continue to remain a free online resource to singers around the world.  As The CyberBass Project expands its offering, I hope that it will serve you in the years to come.